Advanced UV Water Disinfection Solutions

When you think of water disinfection you think of PURION. The German company has become a world leader in water, air and surface disinfection solutions with the use of highly effective ultraviolett technologies (UV). Purion is now available here in Australia and New Zealand with the expertise of Profacture.



From a treatment view, liquids can be regarded as similar to air so the more the UV radiation is able to penetrate the liquid, the merrier efficient is its action. The degree of efficiency thus greatly depends on the liquid and more particularly its absorption coefficient at 254 nm. As an example, natural water’s transparency to 254 nm may vary by as much as a factor of 10 or more from place to place.



Good results are obtained with this form of disinfection because air has a low absorption coefficient and hence allows UVC to attack microorganisms efficiently. Presently, there are five basic methods of air disinfection using ultraviolet lamps namely: Ceiling or wall mounted UV lamps, UV lamps in upwards-facing reflectors for upper-air irradiation, UV lamps, incorporated in stand-alone air cleaners with a simple filter,UV lamps in downwards-facing reflectors for irradiation of the floor zone, UV lamps in air ducts sometimes in combination with special dust filters



The success of surface disinfection depends largely on the surface irregularity of the material to be disinfected. In practice, solid surfaces, granular material and packaging (whether plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, foil, etc.) are disinfected or maintained germ-free by means of intensive, direct irradiation.

Based on our UV-plants for water disinfection we are going to serve our customers with UV-plants for surface disinfection. Products of first-class quality will reflect our customer’s needs and the philosophy of Purion.

Purion Water Catalogue

Applications: Purification of drinking water, Spas and swimming pools,
Water coolers, dispensers,Waste Water, Industrial (municipal) drinking water,Fish ponds, Aquariums

Purion Air Catalogue

Applications: Air disinfection,Cooling coils, Air-conditioning systems, Bakers’s shop, Butcher’s shop, Meat-storage room, Dairies, Breweries, Medicine and und Pharmacy, Animal Breeding, UV-radiation barrier

Purion Surface Catalogue

Applications: Container/ Tanks,Bottling plants, Packaging machines,Conveyor bands in the food industry,Home textiles and mattresses ,Walls