FC Filters

Quality filters for you pool or spa

Proper filtration of your swimming pool water is critical in maintaining a healthy swimming environment. Torrent swimming pool pumps and FC filters have been designed to work in unison with one another creating optimal water flow through the desired filter media for premium quality in your swimming pool or spa.


Quality Built Pool & Spa Filters

It’s easy to see why the FC filter range is your first choice in pool and spa filtration

FC Filters are built for Australia’s harsh conditions. From the extreme heat, hi UV rays in Western Australia to the cold icy conditions on the East coast, it’s important that your new filter meets all the hash climate requirements. This not only ensures trouble free operation but also ensures your filters longevity.

5 Filter Sizes

FC Filters are available in these 5 sizes:
FC – 20 0.196 Surface Area m2
FC – 24 0.283 Surface Area m2
FC – 28 0.396 Surface Area m2
FC – 32 0.503 Surface Area m2
FC – 36 0.636 Surface Area m2

Standard Features

FC Filters are extra heavy duty with a fibreglass bowl and winding’s, premium quality clamp bands and a high efficiency multiport valve. Umbrella-folding, self cleaning, laterals are supplied for balanced flow, back washing and easy maintenance.

Trouble Free Maintenance

The dual fibreglass skin increases strength and durability ensuring no water gets trapped between layers providing many years of trouble free service.

Filter Warranty

10 years on tank | 1 year on multi-port valve and fittings


Choosing the Right Sand Filter

Speak to a pool professional before you make your decision

  • FC Filters are sold throughout each state in Australia. Ensure you speak with a qualified pool professional and request premium quality filtration equipment for your swimming pool or spa from a brand build on trust and reputation. To find a local dealer simply enquire via the “Locate a Dealer” link below – coming soon.