Torrent Pumps

Quality pumps for you pool or spa

The pump plays an important role in your pool and spas filtration system, without it you simply have no filtration or sanitation system. Torrent pool and spa pumps are manufactured utilizing the highest quality components and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure reliability of your pump. Torrent pumps are the first choice in pool and spa pumps. the quality far out ways others in the market place.


Pool & Spa Pumps Build For Australian Conditions

Australia has a harsh climate, a pump built to withstand these conditions will last a lifetime. Torrent pumps are built for Australian conditions.

From extreme heat, hi UV rays in Western Australia to the cold icy conditions on the East coast, it’s important that your new pump meets all the hash climate requirements. This not only ensures trouble free operation but also ensures your pump’s longevity.

6 Models To Choose

Torrent pumps are available in these 6 models:
Torrent 75 – .75 HP
Torrent 100 – 1.0 HP
Torrent 150 – 1.5 HP
Torrent 200 – 2.0 HP
Torrent 250 – 2.5HP
Torrent 300 – 3.0 HP

Standard Features

Torrent pumps come standard with marine grade 316 stainless steel shafts, high temperature bearings and long life capacitors.

Pump Performance

Our high performance pumps range from a 10 – 15 amp power supply that can supply an impressive flow rate of between 290 – 540 liters per minute.

Pump Warranty

3 years on pump body | 2 years on motor and mechanical seal

Pump specifications

Choosing the right Pump For Your Pool & Spa

Speak to the professionals before you make your decision

Torrent Pumps are sold throughout each state in Australia. Ensure you speak with a qualified pool professional and request premium quality filtration equipment for your swimming pool or spa from a brand build on trust and reputation. To find a local dealer simply enquire via the “Locate a Dealer” link below – coming soon.