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Quality Sanitation & Disinfection Systems

Profacture Pty Ltd is a young and passionate company committed to providing premium quality products and services to suit a range of industries and applications.

Commencing in 2018, we have successfully built a solid portfolio of professional brands and products. Our business is 100% wholesale and currently has a focus on sanitation and disinfection products for swimming pools and spas, surface and air disinfection and water purification for drinking purposes

  1. Swimming pool & spa sanitation
  2. Surface disinfection systems
  3. Air disinfection systems
  4. Drinking water disinfection systems




Torrent Pumps for swimming pools and spas. Sizes available, .75hp – 3.0hp



FC Sand Filters for swimming pools and spas. Sizes available, 20″ – 36″



ChloroMate Chlorinators for swimming pool. Sizes available, 15gms – 55gms



Domestic & commercial disinfecting solutions with ultraviolet light



Disinfect the air with UV- radiation with the use of ultraviolet light



Surface disinfection with UV radiation with the use of ultraviolet light

“Commercial Grade Filtration For Swimming Pools & Spas”


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50+ Years of Combined Experience

Leading the way with knowledge, skill and support.

Profacture is supported by a highly knowledgeable and skilled team of specialists whose expertise cover years of sales, training, safety education, marketing, technical and ongoing customer support. We welcome all enquires and offer no obligation free advise.


Innovative Technologies

A new era in sanitation and disinfection is here.

Profacture is a proudly 100% Australian owned company. Specialising in cutting edge filtration and sanitation systems and are the importers and exclusive distributors for PURION UV disinfection systems in Australia and New Zealand.


Professional Team

A dedicated team you can trust.

Our passionate team are dedicated in offering you the most advanced sanitation equipment and UV disinfection systems for swimming pools and spas, wineries, breweries and restaurants, fruit and vegetable growers, marine and shipping, clinical and medical and much much more…


We had a problem with one of our commercial pools, we spoke to the guys at Profacture and installed some new Torrent pumps and filters and our customer say, the pool water has never been cleaner. Big thanks to you guys.

Jack Green – Commercial Customer

Thanks Profacture, your thorough evaluation of our clients rooftop pool situation was greatly appreciated. Alan and his team came up with the perfect solution. This is one team you can rely on, can highly recommend.

Casey Rogerston – Commercial Customer

There’s not much that Alan and his team don’t know about pool sanitation. We now only sell Chloromate salt water chlorinators. Keep up the good work.

Robert Boulder – Commercial Customer

Great job guys. The Chloromate salt water chlorinator is simply a no-brainer. Our customers are loving these. A simple chlorinator that doesn’t confuse the hell out of them!

George Johns – Commercial Customer

“Perfect Water Treatment”



Advanced UV technology



Water Treatment Solutions

Radiation with Ultraviolet light delivers optimal protection against danger of infection. UV radiation is a well known und natural method to disinfect liquids. With usage of UV radiation one can leave out treatment of water by inserting of chlorine.



Air Treatment Solutions

Traditional methods of disinfection of objects for example in medical laboratories fail to disinfect the air because microorganism floats completely free. UV-radiation is suitable to disinfect air contaminated with free floating microorganisms.



Surface Treatment Solutions

Surface disinfection generally requires high-intensity short-wave ultraviolet radiation. Mostly these means UV lamps are mounted close to the surface requiring to be kept free from infection or to be disinfected.